COVID-19 Policy

Behind the scenes:

How Anvil is working overdrive for our guests’ safety this year.

Listen, Anvil is a leader in the campground industry. All day, every day, we are going above and beyond to provide the safest environment we can.

We encourage you to take time to:

·        Research the campgrounds you are interested in this summer.

·        Find out what they are doing to help ensure the safest environment possible.

·        Ask them questions about what they are doing to help keep you safe, if do not find the information online.

·        Check recent reviews to get current feedback from recent guests.

This is important this year, because there is a wide range of efforts being put forth by the different campgrounds to help protect their guests.

Being safe and smart never takes away from the fun. Our guests have never been happier at Anvil in our 66 year history!

Here is what Anvil is doing for you

Our campsites, picnic tables, and utility hookups are sanitized between guests. This means you are first to touch your site since we sanitized it just for you.

Our check-in is contactless. You will not have to get out of your RV upon arriving. We have everything set and ready for you.

Our pool is open! Two families at a time separated at all times by 10 feet or more; ensured by pool rope marking space for each family. Clear signage at our pool outlines the guidelines for safety. We sanitize all ladders and entrances between families. Currently it is bring your pool chairs. To enter the pool area, guests need to pass a verbal COVID-19 screening from our Guest Services and wash their hands with the provided antibacterial soap. The two families never cross paths, because we have two separate entrances for the two divided sections of the pool.

Our three different playground areas are open and we sanitized them regularly. To enter, our guests must sanitize their hands with the provided hand sanitizer and do a self COVID-19 screening. Clear signage at our playgrounds outlines the guidelines for safety.

Our new clubhouse is open. All of the entertainment is free and is sanitized between guests. It is divided into two separate sections with two separate entrances; ensuring different families will not cross paths. Each section is for one family at a time. Families will be a minimum of 10 feet apart at all times. To enter, guests must pass a verbal COVID-19 screening from our Guest Services and use the provided hand sanitizer. Clear signage at our clubhouse outlines the guidelines for safety.

Free Clubhouse entertainment includes: pool table, shuffleboard, three foosball tables, Pop-A-Shot New Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game, ping pong, Sega Genesis Classic, Playstation Classic, Midway Classic Arcade Machine, kid area, four TVs, and music.


There is a Virginia mandate requiring masks inside all buildings in the state and all businesses in Virginia are suppose to be strongly encouraging masks outside. Our guests are doing well with both; wearing a mask inside our buildings and when walking near others guests.


If you are a first time or novice RVer, we got your back. We can take the stress out of getting parked and setting up. Every day we help guests park their campers. We can help with leveling if needed and hooking up your utilities to our first-class utility pedestals. We will not leave your side, until you are all set!

Our weekends are loaded with free entertainment like, free live music, free food, free snow cones or free ice cream, and free children's activities.

Our rates are extremely competitive for our area and we have a lot of availability.

Camping fun is now! We are as ready for you and your family as possible. If you are going to be camping in Virginia this year, we are the campground for you!