Terms of Service

Anvil Campground and staff are not responsible for any injury, loss, or claims for damage to property for guests or guests’ property resulting from fire, theft, accident, or any other causes. Guests use our facilities at their own risk.

Check-Out Time: Campsites - 11 a.m. Rentals – 10 a.m.  Failure to depart your site on time may result in you being charged for an additional night. Late Check-Out (campsites only): is a departure of 3 p.m. and can be arranged on your final morning if available, prior to the check-out deadline for a $10 fee.

Site Inspection: Upon guest’s departure, we immediately inspect the site/rental. Guests are responsible for leaving their site/rental clean/undamaged when departing. Any issue may result in a charge to the account to satisfy the issue.

Refunds: All used nights are non-refundable. A refund of any unused nights (campsites only) will be granted if the guest has completely vacated their site by 11 a.m. after their first night of camping. After this point, the remainder of their stay will be non-refundable. There are no refunds for rentals. During Holiday Periods, where a minimum night stay is in effect, there are no refunds. No special circumstances will be granted.

Vehicles on the Property: Register all vehicles at check-in by giving plate numbers and we will give you a parking pass. Sites are limited to the stated number of vehicles at check-in. Site fee includes 1 vehicle; extra are $5 each per night. Unreported/unregistered vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense for the safety of others.

Guests on the Property: Sites/rentals are limited to the stated number of guests at check-in. There is an additional charge per night of $5 per guest over the age of 18, $3 per guest age 13-17, $1 per guest age 6-12, and 0-5 are free.  Unreported guests will result in the entire party being asked to vacate the property without a refund.

Guests and Behavior: Anvil is a family campground; therefore the behavior of our guests must be representative of that environment. Guests shall not disturb or offend others. Guests are responsible for any property damage, accident, or injury to another guest or their property. Alcoholic beverages must be consumed on the rented site/rental only and by persons of legal age of 21.

Quiet Hours: 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Non-Smoking: All indoor/outdoor facilities of Anvil Campground are non-smoking.

Speed Limit: 3.2 MPH - 3.2 mph is a tribute to Jerry Jump, our father, whose football jersey number was 32. He is the co-founder of Anvil Campground in 1954 with our grandfather Ralph Jump.

Trash: No loose trash goes in our trash bins. All trash is to be bagged, securely tied, and placed in an outdoor bin labeled on our map. Trash that cannot be bagged please contact a staff member to see if we can accept it.

Pets: Owners are fully responsible for their pets. At all times, pets must be supervised, promptly cleaned up after (clean up bag must be securely tied before placed in one of our trash cans), and be kept on a leash. Pets in rentals must abide by our rental pet policy.

Maintenance/Grounds: Anvil cannot prevent technical difficulties, acts of God, fire, or inclement weather; please notify Anvil immediately of any defective or non-working facilities, utilities, etc and every effort to repair will be made. 

Wood/Fires: Fire pits are not to be moved and no fire may be left unattended. No firewood is permitted except wood that is sold in the General Store. This follows the recommendation by the Virginia Department of Forestry to keep non-native insects and diseases from harming our local forests.

Pool/Playgrounds: Follow posted rules. Pool hours are the same as current General Store hours.

Clubhouse: Follow posted rules. Hours are same as the General Store. Understand there is 24 hr surveillance that is automatically backed up to the cloud. Any damage/theft will be handled appropriately and immediately.

Children: Must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Their behavior is the responsibility of the accompanied adult.

Pedestrian Conveyance: Please do not ride/park human powered devices on sidewalks or use any time after dusk. 

In Case of an Emergency: Emergency contact numbers are located on the front door of the General Store. These numbers are to be used in emergency situations only.

Reserve early and save:  Rates will increase when availability becomes limited.

Minimum reservation requirements:  A deposit is due at the time the reservation is made: Campsites: $50.00, Cabins:  $100.00, & Cottages: $150.00 (One night reservations require the full payment)
Site number guarantees:  While we guarantee your chosen site type and amenities, our automated optimization system may change your site number.  You can guarantee your chosen site number, when this option is available, by paying a site lock fee which range between $24 to $199 depending on site type.  This is a non-refundable fee and is due at the time of reservation.  It is addition to the minimum deposit.

Online booking fee and site lock fees:  Online reservations are subject to a non-refundable $2 booking fee.  If you booked online and chose to lock your site number and did not submit a deposit large enough to cover the minimum reservation requirement plus the site lock fee, we will charge your card the difference.  If you booked online and did submit a deposit large enough to cover both, the first part of that payment will count for your site lock fee and that portion will be non-refundable.

Cottage reservation policy:  Cottages are assigned based on availability.  If opportunity allows, we will assign the cottages based on which party booked first.  Booking earlier increases your chance of getting your favorite cottage.  Both Cottages are priced the same, but you can lock in your favorite cottage for the $199 Site Lock Fee and that will guarantee your desired location.

Campsites minimum stay requirements:
One ​night weekend RV site reservations: are accepted with exceptions.  The site type you receive might be different, but you will always have equivalent hookups.
Two night minimum stay if any of your nights fall on any date below:  Anvil Anniversary Weekend (May 1-2),, October weekends (Oct. 2-3, 16-17, 23-24, 30-31), Anvil Jamboree Weekend (November 6-7)
Three night minimum stay if any of your nights fall on any date below:  Memorial Day (May 21-24), Independence Day (July 2-5), Labor Day (September 4-6), Columbus Day (October 9-11), Thanksgiving (November 25-28)

Rentals minimum stay requirements:
Two night minimum Cottage stay if any of your nights fall on any date below: 
Weekends (March 21-Dec. 6), Anvil Anniversary Weekend (May 1-2), October weekends (Oct. 2-3, 16-17, 23-24, 30-31), Anvil Jamboree Weekend (November 6-7), New Years (December 31 - January 1)
Three night minimum stay if any of your nights fall on any date below:  Memorial Day (May 21-24), Independence Day (July 2-5), Labor Day (September 4-6), Columbus Day (October 9-11), Thanksgiving (November 25-28), Christmas Day (December 25)

Cancellations:  Reservations must be canceled by noon, (3) days prior for campsites and (7) days prior for rentals of the arrival date or the deposit will be non-refundable.  Reservations canceled prior to the deadline will receive a refund of their deposit and any other additional payments made toward the camping stay prior to arrival minus a 20% cancellation fee.
- Avoiding the cancellation fee:  If you would like to avoid the cancellation fee, we may just simply transfer your entire deposit to your next stay with us.  No restrictions when the deposit must be used again.
- We understand things happen and sometimes you just cannot make it. If your deposit has become non-refundable, it is always our pleasure to transfer the non-refundable deposit one time to your very next reservation with us.

Refunds:  All used nights are non-refundable.  A refund of any unused nights will be granted if the guest has completely vacated their site by 11:00 a.m. after their first night of camping.  After this point, the remainder of their stay will be non-refundable.  There are never refunds for rentals.  During Holiday Periods, where the three night minimum stay is current, there are no refunds.  No special circumstances will be granted.  Anvil reserves the right to remove any guest without a refund if any of our rules are violated or for any other reason deemed

Waiver and Release Liability
1. By signing this Waiver and Release of Liability (Agreement), I waive and release Anvil Campground LLC, its agents, servants, employees, insurers, successors and assigns from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, damages or suits at law and equity of any kind, including but not limited to claims for personal injury, property damage, medical expenses, loss of services, on account of or in any way related to or growing out of my presence or involvement at the facility. This waiver and release is intended to and does release from any and all liability for damages or injuries on account of or in any way related to or growing out of my negligence or the negligence of third parties.  I further covenant and agree not to institute any claims or legal action against Anvil Campground LLC for any claim released by this Agreement. I further agree that should any claim be made against Anvil Campground LLC in contravention of this Agreement, including but not limited to derivative claims, I will protect, defend and completely indemnity (reimburse) for any such claim and expenses including attorney’s fees and costs incurred by in defending themselves or security indemnity hereunder.
2. I understand that Anvil Campground LLC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged valuables or property.
3. I acknowledge that I have received and read a copy of the current rules and regulations governing the use of the facility. I agree that I will fully comply with all rules and regulations and with any amendments. I have read the Agreement and understand that by signing the Agreement I have consented to be bound by its terms, including the waiver/release of any legal right I may have to sue for any costs they incur because a claim or legal action is brought in violation of this Agreement. I agree any violation of the Agreement and its terms and conditions, as determined by Anvil Campground LLC, will void and terminate this Agreement and may result in loss of the ability to use the facility.
4. I agree to pay any and all outstanding fees on my account prior to departure, including but not limited to lodging fees or unpaid charges to my account. If I fail to pay my account in full prior to departure, I authorize Anvil Campground LLC to receive those unpaid fees on my behalf, using the most recent payment method on my account.