Terms of Service

Rules and Regulations - Antrim County Barnes Park Campground


Please review this list of information so you are best equipped for your trip to our wonderful campground! Please note, check in 2PM and check out is 11AM. This gives our staff a chance to make sure your campsite is in top quality condition for your stay!

1.        A person shall not use a loud speaker, public address system, or sound-amplifying equipment of any kind without permission. A person shall not operate any motor, motor vehicle, radio, television, phonograph, CD, tape recorder or any other device in such a manner as to create a noise that disturbs or annoys others at any time, day or night. Quiet hours will be enforced from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

2.        A person shall not destroy, damage, cut, burn, remove county property, picnic tables, snow fence, trees, shrubs, wildflower, planted grasses, or vegetation without first obtaining proper written permission.

3.        A person shall not shoot an air gun, gas gun, spring loaded gun or slingshot; or shoot with a bow and arrow. No weapon capable of slinging, hurling, or shooting a projectile shall be left unattended unless the weapon is locked in a vehicle.

4.        A person shall not engage in any violent, abusive, loud, boisterous, wanton, obscene or otherwise disorderly conduct tending to create a breach of peace; disturb or annoy others; litter, sit or lie upon walks, pathways, or steps thereby obstructing the free passage of others; remove, damage, or steal property of another.

5.        A person shall not build fires except in designated places and/or except in stoves or grills that are approved by the park range; trench any campsite, or possess more than one (1) table belonging to the county per campsite. No fires on beach. No generators allowed. No Fireworks that leave the ground, spins, bangs, or floats (Chinese lantern).

6.        A person shall not dump, place, throw or leave or cause or permit the dumping, placing, throwing or leaving of litter in any area of the park or waters, except in containers provided, Deposit refuse or waste material that has originated outside the park in a receptacle provided for park use; or place or burn garbage in fire rings or stove, or dispose of any fish cleanings in any park receptacle without first placing them in them in and securely tied close.

7.        A person shall not store or leave any boat, trailer, tent, or camping equipment in the park or recreation area without first obtaining proper written permission This subdivision does not apply to registered campers using the campground facilities during such time as they are properly registered.


8.        A person shall not possess a glass container on the beach.

9.        Parents, guardians, or adults are held responsible for children in their care. They are responsible for insuring that such child comply with all park rules and will be held responsible for any damage caused by such child.

10.      A proper container must be used under any drain to gather liquid waste of any type and such waste gathered in a container must be disposed of at such place as designated by the park ranger.

11.      A person shall not camp for more than fifteen (15) consecutive nights, nor more than a total of thirty (30) nights per calendar year.

12.      A responsible person (18 years of age or older) must register. Identification will be required in order to register a campsite. The park staff shall require that names of all members of the party are recorded, and if deemed necessary by camp staff, verification will be required from parents or guardians.

13.      A person may camp in designated campgrounds or campsites only when the established fee is paid. There are no refunds for days paid for in advance.

14.      A person shall not walk into, or drive a vehicle through an occupied campsite.

15.      A person shall not operate or park a motor vehicle except on designated roads or designated parking areas, operate a motor vehicle on a park road or parking lot at a speed in excess of fifteen (15) miles per hour, in an unsafe manner, or disobey traffic signs, operate a minibike or trailbike within any area of the park. Reduce speed among heavy pedestrian traffic.

16.      A person shall not possess a dog or other animal unless it is under the immediate control on a leash not exceeding six (6) feet in length.

17.      A person shall not allow a dog or other animal within a water or land area designated as a bathing beach, or in any other water area used for swimming or wading, bring a dog, except leader dogs for the blind, or other animal into enclosed park building, or leave a dog or other animal unattended at any time, permit a dog or other animal to run loose or create a disturbance, or to fail to properly control a dog or other animal. Any dog or other animal found not in the possession of, or under the immediate control of its owner or owner’s agent or any dog or other animal creating a nuisance or disturbance may be removed from the park. The owner of the dog or other animal will be held responsible for any damage caused by any dog or other animal.

18.      The campground charges per camping unit on the site they are occupying. A minimum 4 foot clearance on all sides of each unit is required. Each unit will be charged a camping fee with the exception of a tent on their site for children less than 18 years old living in the same household.

19.      Violation of any of the above park rules or the Barnes Park Ordinance may result in fines and/or revocation of permission to remain in the park and/or removal from the park and trespass charges for failure to leave together with a forfeiture of all fees paid. A person evicted or leaving the park at the request of the park ranger shall not be permitted to use any part of the park or a period of 30 days.


20.     Cancellation Policy - Campground must be notified no less than 14 days before the start date of the reservation to receive a refund, with the exception of the credit card fee & first nights camping fee which is paid toward the cost of cancelling & issuing the refund. If less than a 14 day notice, no refund will be issued.