Terms of Service

2021 Campground Rules

Welcome to Lake Road Campground!  We are so excited to be your hosts and hope you enjoy our sweet little campground as much as we do.   Please note: This campground is not staffed 24/7 and SECURITY CAMERAS ARE ON THE PROPERTY.  Staff will stop by daily to check for vehicle registrations and review campsite layouts.  

All weekend stays require a 2 night minimum excpet for Holidays and Special Events (as listed on our website) which require a 3 night stay.

CAMPSITE REGISTERED GUESTS BASE PRICE includes 2 adults, 4 children occupancy or 4 adult occupancy with one sleeping unit and 1 vehicle per campsite.  $6 per person/per night  (6 adult maximum per site)

COTTAGE REGISTERED GUESTS BASE PRICE includes 2 adults, 3 children occupancy or 4 adult occupancy with one queen bed, one full size sofa sleeper and 1 vehicle per cottage.  (Bring your own bedding & towels or rent the linen set from the campground $35)

ADD ONE TENT PER SITE at a cost of $20 per night.  (1 tent can be added to a Cottage or Campsite)

1) DEPOSIT REQUIRED for any reservation:

  • 4 NIGHTS or less, payment in full is required
  • WEEKLY or MONTHLY, 50% deposit due upon booking, balance due 5 days before arrival
  • SEASONAL Reservations will require a $500 non-refundable deposit upon booking, balance due April 1, 2021
  • DEPOSITS for the 2022 Season will be accepted beginning 10/1/21

2) CHECK IN for Campsites 2:00pm - 8:00pm /  Cottages 3pm - 8:00pm.  Campers will be required to text check-in photos to office.

3) CHECK OUT for Campsites 12:00pm / Cottages 11:00am.  Campers will be required to text check-out photos to office.

Your Campsite/Cottage will be INSPECTED AFTER you check out.  If not cleaned, a $50 - $75 clean up fee will be charged.

  • GARBAGE MUST BE picked up and garbage bags disposed of in the campground dumpster
  • ALL PET WASTE MUST BE picked up from the site, bagged and placed in your trash bags
  • ANY EXTRA FIRE WOOD MUST BE removed from the site unless you leave it stacked for the next camper to use
  • CAMPSITES / COTTAGES MUST BE LEFT in better condition that you found it
  • COTTAGES will have a clean up checklist in Welcome Binder located inside the Cottage


This is Private Property.  This campground is cozy, well taken care of and offers a warm, inviting and safe, family community feel.   Help us keep it that way.  CHILDREN UNDER 13 years old must be supervised by an adult at all times

  • VISITORS ARE ALLOWED to come for the day
  • VISITORS THAT STAY THE NIGHT are $6 each/per night & must register with office at (715) 831-8003
  • SUNBATHING IS NOT ALLOWED anywhere in the campground, your campsite or rental unit.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your actions and behaviors, as well as those of your children and visitors.  ALL PERSONS MUST CONDUCT themselves in an orderly, neighborly fashion with the utmost respect for your neighbors, the campground and the campground facilities; laundry/bathroom and showers. 
  • ANY PERSON found stealing, damaging property, dealing with drugs, drinking under age, causing injury to another person, etc will be dismissed from the campground immediately.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  PARENTS will be prosecuted for damages and may not be allowed back as a registered guest the next year.
  • REGISTERED GUESTS ARE NOT ALLOWED to sublease your campsite to anyone else
  • REGISTERED GUEST PARTIES ARE ALLOWED with PRIOR APPROVAL.  The registered campers, children and visitors must conduct themselves as not to disturb their neighbors and comply with all the campground rules listed herein.  APPROVED PARTIES MUST REMAIN in your campsite (15 person maximum)
  • ANY PERSON THAT SMOKES must do so in your own campsite as not to disturb others.  Dispose cigarette butts in a safe manner, do not throw them on the ground.  Failure to keep your area clean will result in $50 clean up charge
  • SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN RENTAL UNITS/LAUNDRY or BATHROOM AREAS  ($300 cleaning fee & eviction will apply if found smoking in any of these areas)

5) DRESSCODE for CAMPGROUND:  Wear MODEST clothing on the campgrounds

  • TOPS or ONE-PIECE SWIMSUITS MUST have shoulder straps and cover the chest, stomach & back area
  • PANTS/SHORTS MUST cover the entire top and bottom of the butt/no short shorts


We want to make sure everyone enjoys their camping experience and stay so please think of others, be mindful of your noise level and respect the rules.

  • QUIET TIME is between the hours of 10:00pm - 8:00am 
  • Sound coming from INSIDE YOUR CAMPER/VEHICLE/COTTAGE that is heard outside is too loud 
  • Sound OUTSIDE YOUR CAMPER/VEHICLE/COTTAGE must be kept at a very low volume so your neighbors can not hear it
  • DRUNKENNESS/LEWD BEHAVIOR, excessive profanity and aggressive behavior is NOT ALLOWED in the campground
  • No public display of alcohol, you are free to walk to a friends campsite with your drink but be courteous and quiet


7) AUTHORIZED PETS:   Campsites / Cottages are PET FRIENDLY and a Dog Park is now available at the Campground  ($20 per pet fee for Cottages)

  • AGGRESSIVE BREEDS NOT ALLOWED; such as Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman, etc 
  • PET WASTE must be picked up daily, bagged and put in your trash receptacle
  • DO NOT PUT PET WASTE in site fire pit, check your site grounds before leaving
  • PETS MUST BE LEASHED at all times in the campground.  DO NOT tie them to trees or leave unattended
  • DAMAGE CAUSED BY YOUR PET will be your responsibility.  MANAGEMENT reserves the right to ask that your pets be removed for any reason; such as campground/guest safety or excessive barking. Damages caused by your pet will result in an assessed damage fee of up to $1000. 


8) LAUNDRY ROOM/BATHROOM with SHOWERS:  Clean up after yourself and for guests that are next

  • LAUNDRY ROOM/BATHROOMS may be closed each day from 12:00pm - 3:00pm for cleaning
  • BATHROOMS/SHOWERS are free and open to all our campers, please keep showers to 5 minutes 
  • COIN WASHING MACHINE & DRYER available, MUST bring your own laundry detergent & dryer sheets



This campground is nestled among numerous beautiful mature trees on a manicured lawn with views of the river.  We will be spraying the campground throughout the season to reduce the amount of annoying bugs/mosquitos.  We need you to do the following daily upkeep.

  • DO NOT put anything on the trees in the campground without prior approval, including nails, ropes, etc
  • CLOTHESLINES are not permitted on any site other than seasonal sites
  • CARDBOARD BOXES MUST BE flattened down before placing in the dumpster
  • TRASH CAN NOT be left outside your camper/cottage at anytime, DISCARD BAGGED TRASH in dumpster at the campground
  • FIREWOOD MUST BE cut or bought locally, in compliance with DNR pest Regulations.  No more than one Face Cord stored on each site, MUST BE STACKED and orderly
  • ONE FIRE RING IS PROVIDED per site, keep the campfire in the fire ring only and tend to at all times.  DO NOT MOVE Fire ring.
  • CLUTTER IS NOT ALLOWED; sites are to be kept free of debris, clutter, etc.  MANAGEMENT reserves the right to determine what constitutes clutter and require its immediate removal
  • OUTDOOR LIGHTS/DECORATIONS are allowed with PRIOR APPROVAL only.  Lights/decorations will need to be hung neatly and secured.  MANAGEMENT reserves the right to choose location for these items to be hung and deny items if it interferes with the enjoyment of the campground for others.  Lights/decorations must be at a minimum to preserve the natural beauty of the campground.
  • STORAGE SHEDS larger than 5' wide, 6' tall ARE NOT permitted.  Any storage shed will be considered with PRIOR APPROVAL only.  
  • CAMPSITE MUST BE kept orderly at all times and maintain a good appearance; back your campers in straight, set your tents straight, park in a straight line with adequate space, do not move picnic tables or fire rings and keep the site clean.

10) PARKING & SPEED LIMIT:  SPEED LIMIT is 5mph, PLEASE OBEY for everyones safety

PARKING isn’t allowed on LAKE ROAD.  Pickerel Path & Skyking Lane does allow for parking on one side of the road.  Please be considerate when parking on these roads so that we do not lose this privilege.

  • 1-2 VEHICLES PER SITE are permitted, some sites only allow room to park 1 vehicle, DO NOT park in another open campsite
  • ADDITIONAL VEHICLES should be parked on the road or in delegated areas posted by campground 
  • BOATS, TRAILERS, ATVs, UTVs or Golf Carts CAN BE CONSIDERED a second vehicle on the site 
  • ATV’S, UTV’S & GOLF CARTS are ALLOWED to be driven on village roads of 35mph or less and in the campground


All RV Sites offer water hook up, electric hook up (20/30/50 amp) and sewer options are available in the form of a pump out or at a local dumping station.  Ask the office if you need help with a pump out.

A back flow preventer is a check valve the prevents water from flowing backwards in to the water supply line, resulting in a contaminated water supply.  If pressure was lost on the water supply, cross contamination could occur.  Management has installed back flow preventer valves on all water spigots.  It is illegal to remove these valves.  YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE CHARGED $25 if management must replace.  

  • FRESH WATER HOSE (white RV hose) is required to connect to water
  • Electricity is included in the nightly rate for guests that stay 4 days or less
  • Electricity is metered and usage charged to weekly, monthly and seasonal guests
  • HOLDING TANK PUMPING - Pump outs will be available on Thursdays throughout the summer, contact the office for dates, rates and to register your camper to be pumped out.
  • Dump Station Location in the area:  Perrot State Park, W26247 Sullivan Rd., Trempealeau, WI 54661 (4 minutes from Campground)
  • WI STATE LAW PROHIBITS ground disposal of any drain water (gray or black).  Wastewater from camping UNIT (including sink water) must be disposed of into sewer drains or dump stations.  If the inspector identifies your camping unit in violation, you will be fined $50.


Schedule your campsite Holiday & Special Event reservations carefully, these dates require a 3 night minimum reservation on the weekend they occur.  Camping is an outdoor experience, therefore we do not give refunds due to whims of Mother Nature.  

  • 30 DAYS OR MORE before your arrival date will refund your deposit minus a $35 service charge
  • 29 DAYS OR LESS before your arrival date will forfeit your full payment
  • A “NO SHOW” reservation (when a guest fails to contact Management) is subject to the same cancellations policies


Our Regular Season begins April 15th and ends October 15th of each year.  All non-holiday/non-special event weekends require a 2 night minimum stay.  Camping is an outdoor experience, therefore we do not give refunds due to whims of Mother Nature.

  • 20 DAYS OR MORE before your arrival date will refund your deposit minus a $35 service charge
  • 19 DAYS OR LESS before your arrival date will forfeit your full payment
  • A “NO SHOW” reservation (when a guest fails to contact Management) is subject to the same cancellations policies

14) CANCELLATIONS OF SEASONAL CAMPSITES: on or before 3/15/21 will forfeit the $500 deposit.  After 3/16/21 payment in full is due for current year for seasonal campsites and is non-refundable

15) Photos or videos may be taken during your stay to be used in promotional pieces, by signing below you release the rights to any photos or videos taken during your stay.


Limitations On Campground Liability.   Tricia Bradley LLC, DBA: Lake Road Campground herein referred to as, The Campground, desires to provide registered guests and/or visitors, herein referred to as Campers with an enjoyable camping experience. However, camping takes place in an outdoor recreational setting. There are aspects of any recreational experience that cannot entirely be controlled or made free of risk.  The Campground is not liable for weather conditions, natural events, damages caused by wrongful conduct or carelessness of others.  The Campground and its owners, affiliates, officers, family members, volunteers and fellow campers are not responsible for accidents or injuries to registered guests or visitors.  By signing this Agreement, the Camper acknowledges that by participating in recreational activities, the Camper accepts the risks which are inherent in the recreational activity. The Camper is advised that Wisconsin law (Section 895.525, Wis. Stats.) limits the liability of The Campground and imposes duties on the Camper to take precautions for their own safety while engaged in recreational activities. The Camper and not The Campground, is responsible for supervision and control of all Campers and visitors.  The Campground is not responsible for your property or the loss of valuables of any kind.  Campers agree to pay for any damages to The Campground property, sites, buildings, facilities, equipment or loss of equipment that may occur.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to interpret and enforce all the rules for the benefit, security and safety of all.  Management reserves the right to reject any and all violators of the Campground Rules, Seasonal Site Registration or Rental Unit Registration without refunds and to remove persons or animals which are considered detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of management or others using The Campground and facilities. It is further agreed that any breach by the Camper or Campers visitors of the Campground Rules, Seasonal Site Registration or Rental Unit Registration shall constitute grounds for immediate ejection from The Campground with no refund of fees.  The Campground is not responsible for accidents or injuries to Campers or Campers visitors, or damages to any person’s property or the loss of valuables of any kind.  It is your responsibility to read this entire agreement. If you find yourself in breach of this agreement, you will be held responsible for your actions.