Terms of Service

One night’s stay deposit is required to hold a reservation. The remainder and taxes are due prior to or upon your arrival.

Check IN/Check OUT
Site & Cabin Check IN - 3:00 PM
Site Check OUT - 1:00 PM
Cabin Check OUT - 11AM
Early check in or late check out may be available at no cost.  Please ask.

Unless other arrangements have been made with the owners, you MUST check in at the office before going to your site.

Cancellation Policy

If you notify us of a cancellation 7 days or more prior to arrival, you shall be refunded your deposit minus a $15 cancellation fee.  If notice is given less than 7 days prior, no refund shall be given, but in some cases it may be applied toward a future reservation.

Refund Policy

NO refunds or rain checks due to weather.  NO refunds if you have been asked to leave the park for any reason.  NO refunds if you leave before your paid reservation ends.

Little Creek Campground Rules & Information

  • We recycle. Please save cans, plastics, glass, cardboard, etc. The item does not have to be cleaned out, just empty please.  Recycling can be placed in the bin provided.  Regular household garbage only.  Camper parts, electronics, furniture, etc must be taken with you.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Please place your garbage out by the road for pickup. Also, please DO NOT BURN garbage in your firepit.

  • All dog breeds are welcome as long as they are well behaved, non threatening dogs. Please make sure that excessive barking is not allowed. The dog must be on a leash and cleaned up after at all times. There are two dog waste receptacles on the property. Please do not leave the dog(s) unattended unless in your camping unit. Dogs are not allowed on the beach at the pond or in the water. Any dogs not following the rules may be asked to leave.

  • Quiet time is 10:00pm - 7:00am.  Please be respectful of your neighbors.

  • Campfire wood is available for $10.00 per wheelbarrow load.  Ice is available for $2.00 per 8lb bag.  Please order either in the Watering Hole and it will be delivered to your site.  

  • ATV/UTVs are for trail use only. You may ride from your campsite to the trail but DO NOT ride around the campground. (Exceptions may be made for physical needs. Please see the office for permission). There is to be no riding in the grass. No donuts, wheelies or other wild riding allowed anywhere in the park. You must enter and exit the campground from the front entrance only.  Only drivers with a proper license are allowed. If you need to work on your ATV/UTV please be courteous and do not rev your engine. No disposal of fluids is allowed. You must take all the fluids with you. An ATV/UTVs wash is available for a $5 fee. Washing ATV/UTVs at your site is strictly prohibited. The management reserves the right to evict anyone who does not follow these rules or poses a danger to others.

  • We recommend that you please supervise your children at the playground.

  • The pond is a swim/play at your own risk.  We are not responsible for accidents.  Please no pets on the beach.  Children under 14 must be supervised.  There are kayaks and a paddle boat for use.  Please no bumper boats, do not take paddles apart and return them to the beach when you are through.  FYI...Please be careful as the pond drops off kind of quickly.

  • Speed limit on the campground is 5 mph.  Please be aware of your surroundings.

  • Guests are welcome at the campground, please just let us know they are coming.

  • Smokers, please be courteous of other campers when smoking.  Smoking is not allowed in any buildings, at the beach or at the park.  Also, please pick up your cigarette butts.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and are not responsible for accidents or injury to our guests or for loss of valuables of any kind.

  • If you need anything, please visit the Watering Hole or call (715) 533-8594.

There are additional rules for Seasonals.  Please see your contract or ask for a copy in the Watering Hole.

Trailer Policy
There is designated trailer parking.  Please inform us upon check in that you have brought a trailer.  You will be assigned a spot. If your stay is longer than a weekend, please make sure that the ground surrounding your trailer is kept neat and weed free.

Wisconsin Statutes 895.525 (3) & (4) States:
. . . A participant in a recreational activity . . . accepts the risks inherent in the recreational activity of which the ordinary prudent person is or should be aware.
A participant in recreational activity . . . is responsible to do all of the following:
1. Act within the limits of his or her ability.
2. Heed all warnings regarding participation in the recreational activity.
3. Maintain control of his or her person and the equipment devices or animals the person is using while participating in the recreational activity.
4. Refrain from acting in any manner that may cause or contribute to injury to himself or herself or to other persons while participating in the recreational activity.
A violation of this law constitutes negligence.  Wisconsin State Statutes 895.525 (3) & (4).

Thank you for your business!  We appreciate you staying with us and hope to see you again!