COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policies and Updates:

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have made some changes to the check-in process as well as limitied some of the available amenities as noted below.


Check-in: Arrival packets with your name(s) will be placed on the boards to the left of the office window the morning of the day of your scheduled arrival and will include a site map, WiFi codes, bathroom/laundry room codes, and some area attractions/information. Additionally, a Covid-19 "waiver" will be included with your packet. It is simply an akowledgement of the State of California's Covid-19 guidelines and is required for us to stay open. This waiver must be signed and placed in the overnight registration drop box to the right of the office window. Acceptance of the parks Terms and Conditions/Rules and Regulations is required and can be completed by clicking the link in your confirmation email.


Office Hours: Office hours are subject to change as we navigate this pandemic. Please call the office to obtain our current hours


Staff: Our staff does continue to work in the park to keep it clean and in order, but, please, maintain 6ft between yourselves and our staff as per CDC social distancing guidelines.


Facilities: The bathroom buildings and laundromat will remain open but occupancy is limited to one individual or family at a time. Do not enter the facilities while park staff are present for cleaning or maintenance purposes.


Amenities: The club house, pavilion, and barbecues will not be made available to guests until it is deemed safe to do so. The community pool next door to the park is a separate entity and will determine its own operational procedure and hours of operation. Typically we offer our guests free passes for the community pool, however, that may not be on offer this year as we aren't certain that the pool will be open or if they will provide us passes for our guests.


We look forward to things returning to normal, but until then, please follow the above guidelines and information to help keep the park open, and it's staff and guests safe.