Terms of Service

Check in – Check out
Our check-in and check-out times are designed to assure that all of our guests’ expectations are met upon arrival. It is very important that all of our guests abide by these times. Check in is at 1:00pm, Check out is at 11:00am. Early check-in and late departure may be available, for $10hr, with prior approval from management.
For ease of check in, please stop at the stop-signs right inside camp, and come in the office, to register all guests and vehicles before proceeding to your space.
After Hours Check in - Please see the after-hours instructions on the office door, have a good night, and we will come see you in the morning.
Speed limit – is 5mph and strictly enforced.
One RV and One vehicle allowed per site. Please do not park on the grass or on any unoccupied site. Extra vehicles may be permitted with prior management approval for $5.00 a night.
Direction & Speed
Please observe the posted 5 mph speed limit and all directional signs. Be cautious of playing children.
Quiet Hours
Quiet Hours are observed from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am. If you are staying up during quiet hours,
please refrain from excessive noise. Violators are not welcome and will be asked to leave.
Children & Pets
• Children are your responsibility and must be under your supervision at all times.
• Pets must be leashed at all times.
• Please pick up after your pets wherever it is.
• Please limit pets to 2 per site.
• No pets in any of the buildings
• Leaving pets unattended at site is prohibited.
• Please do not allow your pet to bark/howl continuously
Campfires are welcomed and encouraged! However, please make sure to build them in the provided
firepits. Please do not move the firepits. Firewood can be purchased at the office. Please do not cut
branches from the trees, and please make sure you extinguish your fire completely when you are
finished. A $10 charge will be charged to your credit card if you leave trash behind in your pit or on
your site.
More Information
• All campground buildings are smoke free.
• All vehicles / units in park must be registered.
• Gray water may not be drained on the ground.
• Clotheslines are not permitted. Only racks that are attached to the bumper of unit are accepted.
• We are unable to permit vehicle washing or repair on site.
• No outside refrigerators are permitted.
• Patios or platforms provided by the park are permitted. Canvas awnings and screen porches
are allowed, but no other structures or buildings are permitted.
• Rugs or other ground covers are not allowed on the grassy area of the site pad.
• Nothing is to be hung, nailed, or tied to any trees. Any ornaments, flags, signs, etc. must be
attached to the camping unit. Any ornamental lights must be hung on the RV, not on trees.
• Please no gas bottles in excess of 40 lbs.
• Alcoholic beverages may be responsibly consumed by adults 21 and older. Any minors caught
drinking are subject to immediate eviction.
• It is always a good idea to secure any valuable items, such as bicycles or coolers, before retiring
for the evening.
• Unless required for a medical condition or accessibility, golf carts, motorized scooters, mopeds,
or dirt bikes are not permitted in the park. If a mobility vehicle is required for medical
purposes, the handicap placard must be presented when completing our paperwork and is
required to be displayed on the vehicle at all times.
• We may occasionally experience outages including water, electric, cable, wireless internet and
any other utilities that might apply, which are beyond our control. No refunds or compensation
will be given for any outages.
STRICTLY PROHIBITED: Use of drugs, firearms or fireworks; and rowdiness, drunkenness,
disorderly conduct, or profane language. These activities will result in immediate removal from
camp property. No Refunds.
Payment for all reservations are made in full at the time of booking. Cancellations made 14 days or more prior to your arrival date will be refunded to the credit card given at the time the reservation was made less $20 cancellation fee. Reservations cancelled within 14 days of your arrival date are non-refundable. Holiday Weekend reservations require a 2-night minimum and must be cancelled 30 days prior to your arrival date to receive a refund less a $20 cancelation fee. Reservations cancelled within 30 days of your arrival date are non-refundable. Reservations not checked in by 10am the morning following your scheduled arrival date will be released without refund. Camping is an outdoor experience and refunds will not be given due to the discomforts of nature. Monthly reservation cancellation fee is $100 with no refund 30 days prior to arrival.
Refunds will not be issued for bad weather, bugs, or other naturally occurring conditions. Camp is an outdoor activity.