Terms of Service


  • Must be 21 years old or older to rent campsite.
  • Van Hook Resort is available for short term recreational camping stays only.  Workforce housing and/or full-time residence is not allowed.
  • Specific campsites may be requested, but are not guaranteed. We do offer you the opportunity to guarantee your favorite campsite by paying our applicable locking fee. If you opt out of the locking fee, you are guaranteed your selected site or cabin type, but NOT the specific unit number.
  • 1 camping unit and 2 cars per site; extra vehicles must register at the Bait Shop upon arrival.
  •  We cannot accept reservations that include a Saturday arrival or departure.
  • Bookings made during holiday weekends including Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend with a Sunday departure date will not be accepted, unless made within 1 week of booking.
  • 3-night minimum during Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends is required.
  • 5-night minimum during July 4 2023, 6/30 - 7/5.
  • Boat Launch Parking is for DAY USE ONLY - overnight parking and/or RV/Boat storage is not permitted.
  • Check-In is anytime after 3pm. Check-out is at 1pm.  *If you would like to check-in or check-out outside of regular house - book an additional night of camping in advance.

Cancelation Policy:  We offer a 50% refund for cancellation made 15+ days in advance.  25% for cancellation made 8 - 14 days in advance.  Cancellation less than 7 days in advance will not be refunded. No refunds will be given once a camper has checked-in.  Before accepting your site, please think it over carefully and make the decision that is best for you and your family.

PARK RULES - Be Kind - Be Considerate - Be Respectful - Be Careful - Be Happy - AND...

QUIET HOURS:  11pm - 7am.  No idling engines, loud gatherings, barking dogs, music, or other uncessary noise during these hours.  Respect your neighbors.  

GENERATORS: Generators cannot exceed a noise level of 60decibels at a distance of 20ft. Basically, quiet model generators are allowed - GENERATORS EXCEDING A DECIBLE LEVEL OF 60DB WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RUN AT ANY TIME. We will use the SOUND METER decible meter app that you can download for free and use to test your generator at home - get it on the Apply App Store or GooglePlay Store. Generators may run all night.

TRASH:  Dumpsters are located at the East end of the park.  Do not leave trash in fire rings.  Please help us keep the recreation area clean and beautiful!  Litterbugs will be thrown in the lake!

REGISTRATION:  All campers including lot guests are required to register at the Bait Shop upon arrival.  All tents/rv’s must have a camping permit.  1 SITE + 1 RV + 1 TENT = 2 PERMITS.  No exceptions.

PETS:  All pets must be kept on a leash at all times.  No dog pens are allowed.  Pets may not be left alone for extended periods inside or outside your RV/Tent.  If you go to the beach, take the dog.  If you go fishing, take the dog.  If you don't want to take the dog, don't bring the dog.  Clean up after your pet - a pile of poo is no fun for anyone!  Sites full of poo will be assessed a $75 cleaning fee.

FIREWORKS:  Within camping areas & leased lots fireworks are prohibited.  DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!  You are thinking about it...stop it.  If it goes “BOOM!” do not light it in the camping areas!

GAS/FUEL:  No gasoline storage is allowed in camp sites. Propane tanks larger than 30lbs are prohibited.

TRAFFIC:  15mph speed limit.  No dirt bikes allowed. No 4-wheelers allowed.  No off-road driving or riding of any kind.  OHV’s must be licensed, registered and insured. Licensed drivers only.  Stay alert, children at play!

CAMPING:  Camping is allowed in designated areas only – you must have a camping permit.

FIRES:  Burn within fire rings only.  Do not move the fire rings.  Do not burn trash. Fire rings are not garbage cans – rings left full of trash may result in camper being banned from future visits and/or assessed a $75 cleaning fee.

SMOKING:  Smoking is not allowed in bathrooms (freaking DUH!), at fish cleaning stations or in front of the Bait Shop. 

LONG TERM:  If you will be camping in the park for longer than 7 days it is you must take on the responsibility of maintaining the area in and around your site.  Please ask for a copy of the Long Term Guidelines.

DOOR MATS:  Mats measuring 2’x4’ and smaller are OK.  Larger mats are not allowed for any reason.  Mats kill the grass. Sorry.  Small pools or toys may be used but must be moved off the grass/put away daily. 

SITE USE:  Your campsite may be used by you and your immediate family only.  Sub-letting of sites is not allowed.  Normal camping equipment is allowed at your site. External storage of appliances, propane tanks and utility trailers is not allowed.  Additional guests must check in at the Bait Shop.

LIABILITY WAIVER AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT:  I acknowledge that I am VOLUNTARILY participating in recreation activities at the Van Hook Resort, LLC facilities and I am aware that my participation in recreating creates a risk of personal injury or death. I realize I may experience loss or damage to personal property.  I assume all risk of injury, death, and loss of personal property which may result from any participation in recreational activities by myself, my dependents and my guests.  I agree to abide by all of the Park Rules and that all rules are interpreted to the discretion of the Mountrail County Park Management. I hereby release and discharge the Mountrail County Park Managers, Van Hook Resort LLC Managers / staff and volunteers, Van Hook Resort LLC, Mountrail County, and all Van Hook/Traynor Park amenities including but not limited too boat launch and landing sites, bath house facilities, playgrounds, beach areas, parking lots, camp sites, fish cleaning stations and common areas from liabilities and injuries, damages or other loss sustained by me caused by the negligence or strict liability of these parties.  By choosing to create, pay for and check in for a reservation at Van Hook Resort LLC I certify that I have read this release of liability carefully and understand all of the terms and conditions.