Terms of Service

Campers and each occupant of Campers’ RV and guests must fully understand the rules and regulations of the campground and agree to abide by these rules:

SPEED LIMIT is 5 mph.  Please watch for pedestrians.

QUIET TIME is from 10 pm to 8 am.  Please refrain from loud noises, music, etc. at all times. These times are enforced and violators will be asked to vacate from park without a refund.

CHECK OUT is at 12 pm.  Late check outs: all late check outs not discussed and approved by staff prior to 12 pm check out time will be charged a $10 late check out fee and an additional $5 for each hour after park check in time of 1 pm.

DISCOUNTS are added via promo codes while booking online prior to check in or may be added to reservation during check in.  Discounts will not be credited after check in.

CAMPSITES  Campers shall keep the Site in a clean and sanitary condition, and keep the area around the Site neat and free of garbage, refuse or waste, and pet droppings. The RV park staff shall have sole discretion to determine the appropriateness of the appearance of the Site, and Campers shall comply with directions of the staff regarding the appearance of the Site. Campers will not throw cigarette/cigar remnants on the ground and use a proper self-provided ash tray. 

Campers shall connect Campers’ RV to the electric, water, sewer, and cable connections for the Site designated by the Company. Campers shall not make any alteration to the electric, water, and sewer connections designated by the Company. Campers shall not discharge wastewater or sewage in any manner except into the wastewater/sewer connection designated by the Company. Screw-in sewer connection is required for sewer hookup. Our office provides screw-in connectors for purchase.

If you are a 50 amp rig, must reserve 50 amp site.  Adapting down will not support AC units.  No site changes will be accommodated due to not choosing to receive the correct amperage to support your RV needs.   If 50 AMP service is not added to the reservation prior to or during check-in, and 50 amp service is being used by personal staying in site.  There will be a daily fee of $6 charged to reservation. 

CAMPER OBLIGATIONS  Objectionable conduct of any kind or violation of any park rules or anyone causing a disturbance will be asked to leave the premises immediately and will forfeit all. No illegal substances are allowed on the property, no exceptions. Violators of this rule will be removed from the premises without a refund. No firearms, fireworks, or explosives allowed within the campground.

Campers shall not intentionally or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair, or remove any part of the Site, any appurtenances thereto, or any facilities or fixtures relating thereto, and Campers shall not permit any member of Camper’s family or any guest or other person associated with Site and party.

The campground is designed to be family friendly therefore management request that any alcohol that is consumed is done so responsibly. Any person that is loud or disrespectful of other tenants due to alcohol consumption or any other reason will be asked to return to his/her unit or vacate the property without a refund.

VEHICLES  One RV per campsite and one additional vehicle; extra vehicles must be approved at office.  We do not allow recreation vehicles older than 2005 without prior approval.  Must send picture of full vehicle set via text or email for approval prior to making a reservation.  We reserve all rights to refuse services for vehicles without approval that are older than 2005.  Violating no washing policy of vehicles will result in being a charged a $25 fee.  No maintenance, repairs or washing of vehicles is allowed; if repairs needed are of an emergency condition please get approval with management.   Please park in designated campsites only, keep roadways clear.  Do not park on grass or place stabilizer jacks on grass.  No off road vehicles riding in park (ATVs, dirt bikes etc)

CHILDREN should be accompanied by an adult when not in camp area especially near the creek.

CAMPFIRES  Fires are not permitted in Site. Community fire ring is available for use. Free standing propane fire pits are allowed in individual Site.

TRASH  Campers will dispose of all trash in provided dumpsters; please have trash wrapped in plastic or paper.  Everyday household trash only, please.  Do not have trash in campsite as it may attract wildlife.  E.g. BEARS   Do not throw cigarette/cigar remnants on ground.

RESTROOMS  Please help keep our restrooms and laundry area clean.  If restrooms need attention please make management aware of the problem.  No smoking in restrooms or laundry area.

DAMAGES  The Site shall be returned to the Company in the same condition as received by Campers, except for reasonable wear and tear, and Campers shall be responsible for any restoration or repair that is necessary to return the Site to such condition. Campers will be responsible for any damages with a minimum fee of $50 and the cost of any materials/equipment to repair or restore Site. 

DANGEROUS WEATHER  Management/staff is not responsible for notifying you in the event of damaging or dangerous weather. It is strictly the RV owner’s responsibility to secure or remove his unit in order to protect his property.

PET POLICY:  Pets are certainly welcome at Woodland RV Park. However, all pets must be leashed and under physical control of the owner/handler at all times! Pet pens, cages, kennels, etc. are not allowed.  Campers shall not chain or tie dogs to trees or other park objects. Please do not leave your pet outside unattended or leave your pet in your RV unattended while you are away from the park. Campers are responsible to pick up pet poop, as it is not up to other guests or the grounds crew to clean up after your pet. Droppings should be wrapped in plastic or paper and put in trash dumpster. Pets are not allowed in restrooms or laundry room. Pet owners will be expected to pay for any damage their pet has caused, including holes dug. Noncompliance or nuisance problems with your pet can result in being asked to vacate the park and/or a call to Animal Control.


Woodland RV Park reserves the right to evict or refuse service to any person who shows a disregard for our guidelines without a refund.  Guests and their visitors agree to use the campground at their own risk.  The Company reserves the right of access to the Site at any time for the purpose of inspection, repairs, maintenance or improvements, communicating with Campers, or any other lawful purpose. The management and owner are not responsible for damage, injury or loss to persons, pets or property.  Woodland RV Park reserves the right to make changes to the guidelines, regulations and fees that we deem necessary. No refunds are given for earlier departures.  Camping is an outdoor experience, no refunds are due to the discomforts of nature or for no satellite reception.