Terms of Service

See Park Rules at check-in (and in confirmation email). We do not give credits or refunds due to the discomforts of nature. We have a 48 hour cancellation notice policy with a $20 cancellation fee. No refunds are given for early departure. Please also be advised that we have a 48-hour cancellation policy. Failure to cancel 48 hours prior to your stated arrival results in a NO SHOW status and you will be charged for one nights stay. If you cancel at any time after you make your reservation, until 48 hours before your arrival date, we charge a $20 cancellation fee. Monthly reservations require a non-refundable space hold fee (25% of the monthly rate at that time).

“Occupant” means the owner or operator of a recreational vehicle who has occupied a lot in a park for 30 days or less. A defaulting Occupant’s recreational vehicle may be removed as specified in Civil Code § 799.22 without a judicial hearing after the service of a 72-hour notice pursuant to this chapter. The Marin County Sheriff phone number is (415) 473-7250.

FLOOD HAZARD DISCLOSURE: Marin Park is located in a special flood hazard area or an area  of potential flooding because the park owner has actual knowledge of that fact based on one of the following:

A. The park owner has received written notice from any public agency stating that the property is located in a special flood hazard area or an area of potential flooding.

B. The property is located in an area in which the park owner’s mortgage holder requires the park owner to carry flood insurance.

C. The park owner currently carries flood insurance.

RV Occupants may obtain information about hazards, including flood hazards, that may affect the property from the internet website of the Office of Emergency Services at http://myhazards.caloes.ca.gov/. Park owner’s insurance does not cover the loss of the occupant’s personal possessions and it is recommended that the occupant consider purchasing renter’s insurance and flood insurance to insure his or her possessions from loss due to fire, flood, or other risk of loss. That the park owner is not required to provide additional information.