Terms of Service

We ask that you respect your neighbors, enjoy the beauty of the river, be safe and have fun!

1.       Fire rings are provided throughout the campground, please only use these fire rings to build outdoor fires.  All campfires are subject to USDA Forest Service and other agencies current area restrictions.  For information click on these links www.fs.usda.gov/shoshone  and  www.idahofireinfo.com/search/label/Coeur%20d%27Alene

2.       Dogs are welcome at Country Lane River Resort, please keep them on a leash while at the campground.  We have provided doggy poop bags, please clean up after your dog so we don’t have to.  If you leave for the day to have fun, please make sure your dog has water and is in a cool spot.  Temperatures can be dangerously high in enclosed trailers during the day.  All service animals are welcome in any area of the campground.

3.       Check in time is 2:00pm and Check-out time is 11:00am. 

4.       Quiet time is 11:00pm – 6:00am.  Have fun but respect your neighbors.

5.       The campsite should be clean when you arrive, please leave it the way you found it.  There are trash cans located throughout the campground please use them.  Do not burn trash.  Please put all cigarette butts in the butt containers around the property.  Do not put butts on the ground or in the fire pit. Thank you.

6.       Sites cannot be “saved” unless a deposit has been received for the space.

7.       No glass near the river or river beaches please.