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Park Events

  • Camping 365 Days a Year!

    Camping 365 Days a Year!

    April 9 - April 8

    We offer camping 365 Days a year! Book your site online!

  • Wake Up Yogi Bear

    Wake Up Yogi Bear

    May 8 - May 10

    We'll be waking up Yogi Bear after his long hibernation. There is a whole weekend of activities including crafts, games, trolley rides around the park, a mother's day craft and more. Mom's will get a free gift at check in! Visit for our whole weekend schedule of activities.

  • Victoria Day

    Victoria Day

    May 15 - May 18

    Celebrate Victoria Day at Jellystone Marine Park with Yogi Bear. We have a full schedule of activities for the whole weekend!

Package Discounts

  • 1 Bag of Kindling

    Purchase one bag of kindling for $9.99 + hst.

  • 1 Bag of Fire Wood

    Purchase 1 bag of fire wood for $12.99 + hst.

  • 2 Bags of Fire Wood

    Purchase 2 bags of firewood for $19.99 + hst.

  • Weekday Getaway Gold Cart Rental

    When you book a Weekday Getaway, you can rent a golf cart for the 3 night stay at a discounted price.

  • Weekday Getaway

    Save on camping by booking a Weekday Getaway! Camp Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night for only $99.00 + hst. Special add on prices available for golf cart rental, fire pit rental and fire pit.