Terms of Service

Please Read ALL Rules & Policies:

Black Bear Activity Area: Lake Siskiyou area is home to black bears with amazing sense of smell. Proper food storage and awareness are essential to preserve wildlife and the safety for yourself and those around you. “Food” can include any item with a scent including toiletries and perfumes, regardless of packaging. These “food” items need to be stored properly. It is best to store food items in a vehicle trunk or out of sight with windows closed. Keep your site free of food and trash, utilizing the bear dumpsters throughout the property. Please report a full dumpster to the front gate. Do not leave trash on top of or on the ground near a dumpster. Do not attempt to burn any excess food or leave food out. If you experience a bear encounter keep a safe distance and let the bear pass backing away slowly. Make your presence known. Never feed bears. Thank you for participating in preserving our wildlife. Failure to comply will result in expulsion with no refund. 

Campground rules and policies:
1. Check in for cabins, houses and trailers is 3pm, and 1pm for all other sites. Check out is 11am for all site types. Late check out after 11am, will be charged for another night. No exceptions.
2. Reservation Release Policy: Reservation deposits pay for the first night only of stay. If not checked-in by 11am the second day of the reservation the hold is released, canceled and no refund issued.
3. Cancellation Policy: All cabins, houses and trailers require a 15-day notice to receive any refund. All other sites require a 8-day notice. Cancellations made outside of these parameters will not be issued a refund of the first night deposit. All cancellations are charged an $8.50 fee.
4. Reservation Changes: All final changes to site reservations should be made 24 hours in advance of arrival date by 1pm.
5. Reservations may be changed to different dates (within the boundaries of the cancellation policy) but must be used by the end of that season year.
6. Guest Check in: Registering guests must be 21 years of age with valid credit card or valid picture ID. Payment is accepted with Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express or Cash. No checks accepted.
7. Reservation rates (except for group sites) include the first two adults (aged 11 and older) and the first vehicle. The fee for additional adults is $5 per person/per night. Additional vehicles are charged $5 per vehicle/per night. Boats on trailers are charged $5 per night. Boats must be registered upon arrival and parked at Marina. No jet skis. Lake: 10mph.
8. Pets: We are a pet friendly campground. The fee for pets is $2.00 per pet/per night at campsites, $20 per pet/per night in onlythe Marina cabins and Retro trailers. County Ordinance #5 requires all domestic pets be leashed at ALL times. Pets are not to be left unattended. No traditionally-categorized aggressive breeds (pit bull, doberman, rottweilers, chow, wolf, or any mixes of these) are allowed in the campground. Pets are not allowed at Beach or Picnic areas.
9. Minimum stay of three nights is required for ALL summer holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day. All other weekends require a 2 night minimum for rental units and rv sites. Tent sites can be reserved for one night on non-holiday weekends, 2 night min for all summer holidays.
10. Advance Reservations: As a courtesy to our guests reservations are accepted one year in advance. If price and/or policies change between the date the reservation was made and check in date, the new policies and prices will apply. No grandfathering offered.
11. There is a 14-day maximum stay policy. After that time the guest(s) and their vehicle(s) must leave the park for 7 days before returning for another stay, up to a maximum 14-day. Violators who spin or misuse this policy will be asked to leave and no refund will be issued.
12. No refunds for early check-out. 
13. Penalty Fees: Late check out: charged one night reservation fee. Site/rental unit left unclean or damaged: minimum of $50. Lost rental unit keys: $25 each. All fires must be completely out and cold upon departure or will be charged $75 hazard fee.
14. Only unaltered, official American flags may be flown on national holidays, raised no higher than one's RV. No flags are permitted in tent or cabin areas.

No weapons including: firearms, bow & arrows or sling shots on property.  
No fireworks. 
Please protect the trees: No clothes lines, hamocks or ziplines attached to the trees.
Noise: No generators, air mattress pumps initial use for set up ok. 
Quiet Hours: 10pm to 7am
Speed Limits: Campground roads: 15mph. Camping Zones: 5mph. Lake: 10mph. 
Road Rules: Please no skateboards, scooters, hoverboards or ATVs/OHVs. Bicycles allowed, must follow all road signs and wear helmet. 
No pets allowed on the beach or in the group picnic areas. 
No fires or grills allowed on the beach. Please use one of the picnic areas for grilling. 
No camping tents allowed on RV sites, 1 shade tent is allowed(pop-up style), must fit entirely on your site. 
Do not move picnic tables from other sites. One per site provided.
Pets Rules - Pets welcome around property, on the trails and in the lake. Reminder County Ordinance #5 requires all domestic pets be leashed at ALL times. Pets are not to be left unattended. No traditionally-categorized aggressive breeds (pit bull, doberman, rottweilers, chow, wolf, or any mixes of these) are allowed in the campground. All Pets are NOT allowed at Beach or Picnic areas.
Extra Parking: 2 vehicle maximum (includes RV) per RV & camp sites. 1 vehicle per small cabin, 2 per large cabin. No RV's/campers at cabin sites. No boat parking in any site, must use marina parking lot. Vehicles including RV must fit in site, not on road or outside of site. All tires must be on asphalt in campsites. Overflow parking is located in and around the campground. Day use visiting guests are to park in overflow parking only. 
We are family friendly and have a zero tolerance abuse policy. This includes verbal abuse or threats of violence towards any guests or employees before, during or after your stay. 
Guests/Visitors in violation will be asked to leave and no refund issued. 

Reservations can be made one year in advance. Management reserves the right to change site numbers as needed. Prices and policies are subject to change. No grandfathering on prices or policies.