Terms of Service

As a condition of staying at Launch Pointe Recreation Destination & RV Park (“Launch Pointe”), I agree to take full responsibility for all charges incurred on behalf of myself, my family and guests – both adults and minors and understand any balance owed at checkout will be charged to the credit card I have on file.

I further always agree that myself, my family, visitors, and guests – both adults and minors, will abide by all the rules and guidelines of Launch Pointe and agree that the management of Launch Pointe can terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason.

Anyone using these facilities must do so with the understanding that Launch Pointe is provided as a recreational facility only and may not be used as a primary residence. If you are asked to leave for any reason by the management of Launch Pointe, you must do so immediately, or you accept that you will be treated as a trespasser by the appropriate local authorities. No subletting of any kind is permitted. You agree to pay any late fees or collection costs as determined by Launch Pointe whether suit be brought or not.

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, we will issue a refund for the entire amount, less the $25-dollar cancellation fee, assuming your cancellation is made at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to your scheduled arrival.  No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to your scheduled arrival.  There are no refunds for early departures. Refunded amounts will be issued to the same card that was used to secure the reservation within 3 - 5 business days of the refund request.  No cash refunds will be issued for any reason.

I agree that my liability for any incurred charges is not waived and I agree to be held personally liable if the indicated person, company, or association fails to pay for any part or full amount of these charges. Overdue balances are subject to a surcharge.

I fully understand that staying at Launch Pointe exposes me to the risk of personal injury, death or property damage, including exposure to hazards such as falling tree branches, uneven terrain, insects, rodents, birds of prey, coyotes, reptiles, and the lake itself. I hereby acknowledge that I am voluntarily staying at Launch Pointe and agree to assume any such risks.

I hereby release, discharge and agree not to sue Launch Pointe, City of Lake Elsinore, its officials, employees, volunteers and agents (“City of Lake Elsinore”) for any injury, death or damage to or loss of personal property arising out of, or in connection with staying at Launch Pointe from whatever cause, including the active or passive negligence of Launch Pointe or City of Lake Elsinore, or any other guests staying at Launch Pointe. The parties to this agreement understand that this document is not intended to release any party from any act or omission of “gross negligence,” as that term is used in applicable case law and/or statutory provision.

In consideration for being permitted to stay at Launch Pointe, I hereby agree, for myself, me heirs, administrators, executors and assigns, that I shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Launch Pointe and City of Lake Elsinore from any and all claims, demands actions or suits arising out of or in connection with my stay at Launch Pointe.




I,The primary guest declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that I am the primary guest. I further declare that I shall indemnify and hold harmless the Launch Pointe from and against any and all Claims resulting from, incident to, or arising out of myself, my family, visitors, and guests – both adults and minors, participation at Launch Pointe, any and all risks assumed by Minor and me above, and/or the breach of any promises, covenants, and/or representations made by me herein and/or in the above Release.

Rules and Policies Acceptance

I, also declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that I am the primary guest and understand all the rules and policies of Launch Pointe. I will ensure myself, my fellow guests, and any approved visitors are following all rules and policies while at Launch Pointe. I understand that any violations could result in the loss of privileges and use of Launch

Launch Pointe Policies & Rules


1.      Tenants and Guests are responsible for any damage or injury caused by themselves, their children and/or pets. 

2.      The resort is not responsible for personal injuries or damage, loss or theft of any personal property or vehicle.

3.      We reserve the right to evict any person(s) who does not comply with the rules and policies.

4.      All guests and visitors must register in the office upon arrival.

5.      Launch Pointe does not allow the delivery of mail or packages to any guests.  Guests must have their mail or packages delivered to a third-party location for pickup.

6.      All guests must wear Launch Pointe issued wristbands while on property. 6 wristbands are included in reservation cost. Wristbands #7 & #8 are an additional cost of $5 each.

7.      Total number of guests in any space or yurt cannot exceed the maximum capacity for that site. (8 per RV site, Lodging varies)

8.      All Motorhomes, RVs or Travel Trailers must be in good working order and appearance. We reserve the right to refuse access to any guests whose vehicle is deemed to be unacceptable.

9.      Tent camping is permitted only in yurt or RV spaces when yurts or RVs are being rented.

10.  Tents are limited to a maximum of one ‘two-man’ tent per site and cost an additional $10 per tent, per night.

11.  Visitors are NOT permitted in the RV resort. All visitors, when approved, are required to check into office & receive wristbands.

12.  Visitors will only be issued parking passes & wristbands if the registered campsite has extras available. If no parking passes are available, but the wristbands are, visitors must park in public parking lot and pay parking fees.

13.  No overnight parking or storage of trailers, boats, jet skis or utility trailers is allowed in marina area.

14.  Charcoal grills are limited to 2 square feet in surface area. All coals to be cooled and disposed of properly. Electric pellet grills are OK. No grills on decks of Vintage Trailers or Yurts. Propane grills and propane fire pits are allowed.

15.  Wood burning fire pits and deep fryers are PROHIBITED.

16.  Blowup mattresses, sleeping bags and cots are not allowed outside.

17.  Maintenance on RV’s or vehicles on property is not allowed.

18.  Washing RVs or vehicles on property is not allowed.

19.  The use of any paint products or chemicals is prohibited.

20.  Clotheslines are not allowed & guests may not hang any items from the trees.

21.  All sites are to be kept neat and clean for the duration of your stay.

22.  Only 1 RV and a maximum of 2 other vehicles allowed per site. Parking passes are non-transferrable. 

23.  All trash is to be disposed of in enclosed trash receptacles throughout the resort. DO NOT leave trash out overnight.

24.  Boats, boat trailers, cargo trailers or car dollies are not allowed on sites. On site storage is available for a nightly fee.

25.  Launch Pointe is in a natural wildlife habitat area.  There are coyotes, birds of prey and reptiles.  All guests should ensure pets and small children are supervised at all times.

26.  Failure to depart site in a timely manner on departure date may result in removal from site by staff and additional fees. 



1.      POOL is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. SPLASH PAD is open from 9am to Sunset.



4.      The following is PROHIBITED:

Firearms, Air Guns, Paintball Guns & Sling Shots, Archery, Fireworks, Illegal Drugs, Obnoxious Behavior, Excessive Music Volume, Drones or remote-control machines, Kiddie pools, Slip & Slides, Inflatables and other items demended hazardous to Management. 

5.      Speed limit on property is 5 mph.

6.      Motorcycles must be in idle speed when traveling through the Resort.

7.      Children under 14 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult in pool area.

8.      No vehicles can block any portion of roadway.

9.      Vehicles may park in designated spaces only.

10.  Only persons with a valid driver’s license may operate a motor vehicle in the Resort. Only electric recreational vehicles or golf carts are allowed for use on our property. No dirt bikes, No gas powered golf carts, No Rhino or RZR type side-by-side’s and No gas-powered ATV’s are allowed. Electric bikes and scooters are permitted; however, all speed limits and rules of the road must be followed. Individual access could be prohibited if rules are broken.

11.  Vandalism of any kind by anyone in your group (regardless of age) may result in eviction from the resort.


1.      Management is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.  Keep your valuables locked up.

2.      Report any problems with your site to the Main Office immediately. After office hours please report to Security (951) 579 - 9664

3.      We adhere to and maintain all state, county, and local laws on property.

Quiet Hours:

1.      Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Generators, radios and any activity that may disturb neighboring campsites is prohibited during this time.

2.      Please be courteous to other guests around you.

3.      Loud music or objectionable noise is not allowed at any time.

4.      Inconsiderate guests will be evicted from park.

5.      Profanity or violence towards other guests or Resort staff will result in immediate eviction from park.

6.      Guests violating rules that results in eviction notice will not receive any refunds for their stay.

Pet Policy:

7.      We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone whose pet is NOT considered suitable to the serenity/safety of our guests or the Resort.

8.      Pets must be kept on a leash under the control of someone who can always manage all animals.

9.      There is a three-pet limit in the resort. Pets are not permitted in lodging units.

10.  No exotic or oversized pets are permitted.  This includes all reptiles or large birds.

11.  All Pets must be registered at the Front Desk upon arrival.

12.  Pets may not be left outside unattended.

13.  Guests are responsible to “clean up” after their pets. 

14.  Guests should carry proof of pet’s current vaccinations.

15.  Pets are prohibited in resort buildings and amenity areas.

16.  Resort is not responsible for and will hold accountable pet owner for any injury or damage caused by pet(s).

17.  Service animals are permitted per applicable ADA laws.


WiFi Disclaimer: Launch Pointe is not responsible for the content of the Internet. Launch Pointe is not responsible for sensitive information communicated through this public wireless connection, such as credit card, personal data, or banking information, etc. Please be sure that your device’s anti-virus and firewall software are up-to-date. Launch Pointe assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss of data, damage, or viruses/malware that may infect your device on account of your access to, or use of the public wireless connection. Launch Pointe assumes no responsibility or liability for physical damage to, or theft of your device. Launch Pointe cannot guarantee that your hardware or software will work with Launch Pointe’s wireless connection. Minors should only access the connection under parental or guardian oversight. Any restrictions, limitations, and monitoring of a minor’s access to Launch Pointe’s public wireless network is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian. User agrees to respect all copyright laws and licensing agreement pertaining to material obtained from the Internet and Launch Pointe is not responsible for user’s failure to do so. If you have problems accessing the Internet over the wireless connection, our staff cannot assist in making changes to the user’s network settings or perform any troubleshooting on your device. You should refer to the owners’ manual for your device or other support services, offered by your device manufacturer. This service is offered for free and no guarantees of its reliability and performance are made.