Terms of Service

  • SMOKING: For the enjoyment of all our guests, smoking is NOT permitted inside ANY building or CABIN, at the pool, at the outdoor theater or anywhere second-hand smoke may be offensive to other guests. Butts must be placed in the receptacles provided.
  • FIREWORKS, WEAPONS, or FIREARMS: Only legally licensed firearms are permitted on the premises. No fireworks.
  • QUIET HOURS: Enforced each night from 11pm to 7am. During this time, please keep voices and other noises to a minimum and turn off any amplified sound. Please ensure that noise, human or otherwise, cannot be heard beyond your site boundary. At all times, please be mindful of other guests and refrain from making excessive noise. Any loud noise, which in the opinion of Management could disturb others, will not be tolerated and will be handled in the appropriate fashion. In the event the Resort has a scheduled activity that extends past 11pm, affected guests will be asked to be at their campsite no later than 15 minutes after the conclusion of the scheduled activity.
  • GOLF CARTS:  Golf Carts brought onto the property must be properly registered with the front office and you must provide proof of insurance on the golf cart to be able to utilize it on the property. No drivers under 21 are allowed to operate a golf cart. 
  • PARKING: In order to provide an appealing atmosphere for all guests, space has been provided at each RV site for two (2) vehicles and an RV. All parking at the campsite is restricted to the guest site’s parking pad. No parking on the grass or at an empty site. Overflow parking for additional vehicles is available ONLY in designated areas. For information regarding these areas, please inquire at the Ranger Station. All guests will be required to display a parking pass at all times while in the park.
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s actions. Children under 14 years are to be accompanied by an adult to all areas of the resort, including the pool. All those under age 14 are to be at their site during quiet hours – 11pm to 7am.
  • CAMPFIRES: Campfires are part of the camping experience and are allowed in the guest site fire pits or theater fire pit only. All fires must be properly extinguished when not attended and must be of reasonable size so as not to endanger anyone or anything. For your convenience, the Ranger Station has wood bundles available for purchase. Only wood or charcoal may be burned.
  • POOL: Proper swim attire in the pool area is required. Cut-offs and street clothes are not acceptable. Parents need to accompany children 14 years old or younger while in the pool area. Children must be in swim diapers if not potty trained. Although lifeguards may or may not be present, guests are responsible for their own safety and that of their children.
  • DRIVING IN PARK: Safe, slow driving is a must! The seed limit is 7.5 miles per hour! Children, pets and adults are at play and walking throughout the Resort. Please remember pedestrians and bicycles have the right of way! Vehicles must yield to golf carts and both must yield to people, pets, bicycles and pedal karts.
  • DUMPING TANKS: Emptying grey water or sewage tanks on the grounds is in violation of State Law and will not be tolerated.
  • PEDAL OR MOTORIZED VEHICLES: Skates, rollerblades, skateboards or scooters ARE NOT ALLOWED on covered porches at the Resort. Only ADA compliant electric scooters are permitted for our special needs guests in our Resort. Dirt bikes and ATV riding is prohibited on Resort property.
  • LAUNDRY: Clotheslines are NOT permitted anywhere in the Resort. For your convenience, our laundry is in the LONGHORN BREEZEWAY area.
  • ALCOHOL: Alcoholic beverages are allowed in moderation at your site. Beer and wine are permitted off of your site, but must be in an approved container (plastic or aluminum only. NO GLASS containers allowed off of your site). State laws regulating alcohol consumption are to be followed by all guests.
  • PETS: Pets are allowed, but are limited to dogs and cats ONLY. Sorry, no snakes, pot-belly pigs, etc. However, service dogs are always allowed. There should not be no more than two pets per site without the approval of management. Aggressive breeds (Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Dobermans and Chows) are NOT allowed in the park. Any / all pets acting aggressively will not be allowed to remain on park premises and guests may be asked to leave with NO refund. Each guest is responsible for cleaning up after their pet and keeping the pet under control (leashed and refrained from excessive barking) throughout the entire resort. If your pet is leashed, the leash is not permitted to extend beyond your site boundaries. Due to health regulations, pets are not allowed in the pool area, bathhouse, bathrooms, Ranger Station, Garden Tent sites, or rental units unless they are specifically designated as “pet friendly” units.
  • JUMP PILLOW: The guest assumes all risks associated with play activities and bouncing on the Jumping Pillow. You play and jump at your own risk. FLIPS ON THE PILLOW ARE NOT ALLOWED. You must be accompanied by an adult if under age 14. Jumping Pillow opens at 9am and closes at 11pm.

Please show courtesy to your fellow guest. Thank you for following our rules and enjoy your stay.