Terms of Service

Banning RV Park Camping Agreement and Rules:

This Park Guest Agreement (“Agreement”) is between Banning RV Park and/or it’s owner Central Property Services LLC and the person(s) identified in the information of this reservation known as (“Guest(s)”).

LIABILITY WAIVER: By continuing with this reservation you as the customer/camper/your family/your guests are accepting these terms and agree that camping and outdoor activities can be dangerous and can cause injury and even death to property, people and pets. You agree to accept these risks, terms and camping privileges at Banning RV Park with the understanding that you and your heirs hereby release Banning RV Park, Central Property Services LLC, its officers, owners, their heirs and employees, of all liability for any loss or damage to your property and any injury or death  to you, your family and/or your guests arising out of this camping reservation and use of these camping facilities, and agrees to indemnify Banning RV Park, Central Property Services LLC, its officers, owners, their heirs and employees, against claims resulting from any loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the registered camper arising out of the use of its camping facilities. This includes any damage or harm to you or your vehicle/camper/etc if it gets stuck/won't start/locked out or anything else you ask for assistance with.

  • Check-in is at 3:00pm. Check-out is 11am. Early check in may be allowed if the previous guests haven't paid for a late check-out and if the site is ready. Early check-in's are $10.00 for up to three hours early at noon. Must be pre-arranged and pre-paid.  Late check-outs are allowed for $10.00 to allow you to check-out up to two hours late by 1pm. Must be pre-arranged before check out time and must be paid.

  • This Agreement and/or your occupancy of a campsite does not create a tenancy or residency in favor of Guest. Guest must depart by the checkout time on the day immediately following the last night indicated in your reservation. If Guest fails to timely depart, Banning RV Park and/or Central Property Services LLC may provide Guest an oral notification to immediately vacate with their possessions including their   RV, Vehicle, Tent or other Camping Equipment, or by sending the notice to Guest’s street or email addresses on file. Failure for the Guest to vacate immediately will result in the guest being guilty of a misdemeanor and Guests shall be deemed to be illegally upon the premises. Banning RV Park and/or Central Property Services LLC owners or appointed representatives may remove and store Guest’s Equipment, vehicle and other property at Guest’s expense. The remedy described in this paragraph is in addition to any other rights and remedies Banning RV Park and/or Central Property Services LLC may have at law or in equity.

  • All vehicles must display a Banning RV Park car tag. Maximum of 6 people per site including daily visitors.

  • No loud radios/tv’s/electronics/etc., No obscene language at anytime. Please be respectful of other campers.

  • All visitors must register at the office upon arrival. All campers are responsible for their visitors and their behavior. If extra visitors are at your site without having registered, you and your visitors may be asked to leave the campground. Maximum of 6 people per site including visitors.   

  • Visitors must display visitor tag in vehicle at all times. All visitors must leave park by 10pm

  • Quiet time is from 10pm to 8am, we should hear the crickets and frogs. No generators running during this time.

  • Please keep the camp site clean and free of debris. You must take your garbage with you when you leave or put it in the provided garbage cans or dumpster.  Always put the cover back on any garbage container. There is dumpster located in the park. It may be locked at times. If it is, times to use it will be posted near it. It is only for regular campsite garbage.
    It IS NOT for you to dispose of cardboard boxes, appliances of any kind, chairs or any furniture, tires, any RV/Camper/Tent parts, hoses, air mattresses or inflatable devices of any kind or anything large. Never have bags of garbage outside on your campsite. Please pick up any garbage that blows away from you.  Please do your part in keeping the park litter free and looking clean.

  • Recycle everything you can. We have recycling containers near the dump station.


  • Pets: PETS MUST BE ON A LEASH OUTSIDE OF YOUR RV.  You may allow your pet to free-run in the dog park/play area as long as you maintain control of it. You may be required to show current proof of vaccinations. Limit 3 dogs per site. All pets must be paid as an addition to the campsite fee. Dogs must be walked in the designated dog walk area and must be picked up after. Pets are not to be tied outside of your RV when you are not in the park and are not to be left unattended at any time. No ground tie-downs permitted. If any pet demonstrates aggressive behavior toward another pet or camper, you will be asked to leave the campground. No excessive barking/yipping/howling/etc. will be tolerated! No pets at restrooms, shower house, or playground areas. Dog walking area is provided, ask at the store for specific location.

  • Pet Owners must clean up after their pets, bring a clean-up bag or disposal baggies may be purchased at the campground store

  • No glass bottles or containers (outside of RV unit)


  • You must camp only in those places specifically provided or marked. Do not encroach onto other campsites with your slide-outs, vehicles, etc. DO NOT PARK ON, OR PUT ANY OF YOUR STUFF ON ANOTHER CAMPSITE.

  • One camping unit and one vehicle per camping site or one tent and one vehicle per tent site.

  • All vehicles, RVs, trailers, boats, etc.  must be parked completely on your campsite or driveway. Parking on the roads within Banning RV park is not permitted.

  • Firewood: It’s important not to move invasive species in firewood. Plus it’s the law! We want to maintain the good health of the trees in this campground and therefore NO OUTSIDE FIREWOOD IS ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT IN. DNR approved firewood can be purchased at our campground store.

  • Climbing of trees or gathering of firewood and/or any cutting, sawing, chopping, carving or damaging of any tree in the park is prohibited! No gathering or damaging of any plants, fungi, fruits, flowers, rocks, etc. Violations of these will result in a penalty equal to replacing the item, plant, etc that you damaged or took. 

  • Obey any restrictions on fires. Fires may be limited or prohibited at certain times for safety reasons. 

  • Campfires are not permitted on some sites and are only allowed in the Banning RV Park provided rings on the sites where they are allowed. If your site doesn’t have a fire ring, do not build a fire there. Do not change the fire ring size (if a rock  ring) or the location of any fire ring. Your campfire must not be higher than 12 inches above the top edge of the fire ring. Never burn cans/bottles/garbage etc in your campfire. 

  • Be sure your fire is completely extinguished before leaving. USE WATER!  Do not leave your fire unattended. You are responsible for keeping fires under control. 

  • Use of firearms, fireworks or other explosives within campgrounds and other recreation areas is prohibited.

  • No large mats on the ground. Small rugs are allowed. 

  • No grey water to be dumped on ground.  

  • No vehicle repairs on site. Do not wash your car or RV on any campsite or anywhere in the campground. 

  • ATV’s, UTV's, Side by sides, 3 or 4 wheelers, motorized scooters or go-carts are allowed in our park provided that they are never driven over the 10mph speed limit and are operated in a safe and respectful manner at all time. Motorcycles are to be used only for transportation in and out of the park. 

  • No clotheslines are allowed to be put up on your campsite. 

  • BE COURTEOUS AND RESPECTFUL to your neighbors. Please follow only designated roads or walkways.

  • Please do not walk through occupied RV sites.

  • There are no refunds due to weather concerns. We don't charge extra for sunny days and we don't refund for rainy or adverse weather ones.