Terms of Service

Cottonwood Cove Resort Rules & Regulations

Cottonwood Cove RV Resort is privately owned and reserves the right to terminate without refund any reservation for violation of our policies. Further, the resort assumes no responsibility for the use of the grounds or facilities, or for lost, damaged or stolen property occurring to anyone while on resort grounds or in resort facilities. The user assumes full responsibilities for injury or illness occurring to themselves or their party members.

Cottonwood Cove RV Resort is a recreational property and is not to be used as a place of quarantine for COVID 19 and anyone found to be exhibiting influenza-like illness as well as those directly exposed will be require to move to a hospital or other place of isolation. Numerous  COVID-19 protocols are in place and subject to change. The pandemic has caused limits to be set on the size of groups allowed to gather in one place, this may impact your ability to freely socialize.  All guests are required to be physically distant (2 metres) from other guests not in their household unit. It is possible access to common areas and amenities (such as washrooms and/or pool) may be effected or eliminated. Failure to observe COVID related guidelines will require an immediate termination of your stay without refund. By remaining responsible & respectful of others we are able to share the property safely.

All guests are required to sign a standard waiver of liability upon check-in and registered guests are responsible for the conduct of their pets, invitees, friends and family at all times and will be held financially responsible for any damages caused to property or equipment of Cottonwood Cove Resort. Please ensure that you and your invitees, friends and family understand the following rules & regulations that have been set out to ensure the comfort, enjoyment and safety of our guests as Cottonwood Cove Resort Management Ltd. is charged with enforcing these rules and has the authority to terminate a stay immediately and without refund should any of the requirements set out below not be met.

There are a maximum of six occupants permitted per site overnight and no more than four of these may be adults.  Each site may have up to two pets--excluding vicious animals or animals deemed by Cottonwood Cove Resort Management to be vicious, which cannot be permitted at any time.  Visciousness is defined by any history of agression towards people or other pets.  All pets must be registered at the office.

Also please note that site assignments may change at any time up to and including the date of arrival although every effort to honour original site preferences will be made.

The front entrance gate to the property is locked nightly.  As of September 7th, Labour Day, the gate is unlocked between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm. An emergency phone number to reach onsite staff is posted on the gate should it be required.

Children can be expected to be present throughout the property and therefore smoking or vaping cannabis is prohibited outdoors on all rental sites and common property throughout the park.

The speed limits for all motorized vehicles on resort property is 10 km/hr and this limit is strictly enforced with only one warning given. All motorized vehicles, including golf carts, must be operated by a qualified driver with a valid driver's license. Parking in unauthorized areas, including unoccupied RV sites, at any  time may require vehicles to be towed at the owners' expense. Improperly parked vehicles not displaying current parking passes may be towed without notice at the owner's expense.

Quiet time is observed daily between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am. There will be no tolerance for noisy disturbances between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am and guests are encouraged to phone or text the after-hours line should there be a complaint. Guests are given one warning for noisy disturbances before being required to depart without refund. In consideration for the family atmosphere and general enjoyment of others, excessive noise, loud music, foul language and unruly or disruptive behaviour will not be permitted at any time of day.  Given the nature of an RV park, where children are always expected to be present, cannabis smoking or vaping is prohibited on all rental sites and common property throughout the park.

Visitors- Please make plans to socialize with non-guests (visitors) outside of resort property.  Visitors are strongly discouraged and the resort reserves the right to refuse entry to any non-registered guest.  All guests must register at the office and obtain a parking pass.  Vehicles without parking passes may be towed without notice at the owner’s expense. 

Campfires are permitted at each site in the rings provided but must be attended at all times. Propane firepits are allowed (usable when a fireban is in place) and are available for rent $5/night plus GST. Firewood bundles are for sale at the office. Alternately if you bring your own firewood it should not be transported across regional boundaries to prevent the spread of invasive forest pests. Removal of bark, damaging trees, or harvestings driftwood from the area is strictly prohibited. The use of fireworks are prohibited as well.

Parental Supervision of Children: Parents must ensure that their children maintain a 2-metre (6 feet) separation at all times from other children/people from other parties during your stay. Children under the age of 12 must not be left unaccompanied at the pool or within the clubhouse and need to be under the care of a responsible adult at all times.

Garbage disposal is available onsite as is beverage container recycling. Most household recycling can be taken free of charge to the Scotch Creek Transfer Station, located between the Resort and the primary local settlement area of Scotch Creek and we encourage our guests to make use of this local resource.  Grey pedestrian cans located throughout are for incidental litter only and all household waste is to be taken to the proper garbage bins located near the front entrance and office.

Jumping off the bridge is strictly prohibited, as is littering and damage to wildlife or vegetation.

Each site is fully serviced with electrical, water and sanitary connections (must be airtight) and also comes with a firepit, picnic table and a lawn area complete with underground irrigation. Guests are encouraged to water their own lawns as required at their convenience (directions are provided at check-in), otherwise staff will be obliged to enter the site on regular maintenance days and operate the sprinklers for you should the lawn area appear to be under distress from lack of water. PRO TIP: Running through the sprinklers is a popular past-time here for young and old, furred and feathered alike.

For the benefit of the lawn, all mats, screw-in dog leads and closed bottomed tents are to be placed on the gravel portions of the site only. Mats or tents found on lawns will be brought to the guests' attention and required to be relocated. Shade or open bottomed tents are welcome to be placed at any place on the site, however please be sure to avoid underground sprinkler lines with pegs.  Feel free to ask any staff member for more information on where the lines are in any given site.

All belongings and vehicles, including slides and open doors, must be fully contained within the site boundaries as indicated by the 4" wooden tie border. Walking through other's sites is prohibited.  Belongings, especially food or waste that might be an animal attractant, must be secured against wildlife and firepits kept free of food residue.

Check-in time for RV sites and moorage is 2 pm daily and early check-ins, if available, must be pre-arranged with the office. As all site or slip rentals are final sales, there are no refunds for early departure.  Departure on the final day is required by 11 am and unauthorized late departures will be charged for an additional nights' stay.

Have a question or need assistance? Please call 250-679-2294 during office hours. An after-hours emergency phone number will be provided for you at check-in.