Terms of Service


This means all campers/rv's must have a toilet, sink, and shower with holding tanks.

1.  This Site shall be used only for the placement of (1) one RV for the exclusive use as a private seasonal RV site for Lessee(s) immediate dependent family, as set forth in the Lease Agreement.  Lessee(s) shall be responsible for the acts of Lessee(s) children, guests, and pets, even if they are not present. DO NOT pitch tents at your site.

2. Each RV site will have parking for only 3 vehicles at any given time. Lessee(s) will receive (2) two car passes with their lease and will be issued to you upon full payment of your lease. This is for your protection so Fiddlestix RV & Golf Resort will recognize when unauthorized vehicles are on the premises. All guests must register in the Resort office and receive a guest parking pass. Car passes must be displayed on your vehicle. A boat and trailer may be parked in one of the 3 spaces. No parking is allowed on the grass of a RV site.

3. Please park in designated areas only. WE DO NOT allow parking alongside any Resort roads. This is a huge safety issue.

4. Noise at any time of day must not be a bother to your neighbors. The volume of radios, TVs and voices should not exceed your contained RV site or be projected farther than 50 feet in radius. No large parties, loud music or other disruptive behavior will be allowed.

5. Quiet Time: 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and will be enforced. Quiet time includes, but not limited to loud noise resulting from talking, laughing, TV, radio, equipment, tools, etc.

6. Underage alcohol consumption will not be tolerated in this Resort. Violators will be asked to leave the park. Underage drinking or drug use will be reported to the proper authorities and offenders will be banned from Fiddlestix RV & Golf Resort. We reserve the right to remove you and/or your guests without any refund.

7. Persons 18 years or older are permitted to smoke in designated areas only. Underage smoking will not be tolerated.

8. All Lessee(s) must place household garbage in trash dumpsters located behind the cart barn at the East side of the park. Do not set outside RV, beside the road, or piled on your RV site. We will pick up trash set out by the road on Sunday mornings only. Please have out by 10:00 AM. 

9. Personnel will be monitoring the park and their decisions of security are final pertaining to noise, campfires, and other infringements of the rules. Lessee(s) is liable for all damage to the site and park caused by Lessee(s), Lessee(s) children, guests, and shall pay for all repairs.

10. All guests and visitors must register at the Resort office to obtain a vehicle pass before entering facility. Guest(s) are expected to register at the office and are subject to a Visitor Fee of $5.00 a day for each visitor over the age of 5 years for access to use Resort amenities and parking. These charges are to offset the expenses of security, insurance, maintenance, wear and tear, etc.  Any guest not registering will be charged to your site and asked to leave the premises. Please limit the number of guests to no more than four per day.  Larger parties must be approved by Management.  If you do not register you may be asked to leave the park.

11. Only one personally owned boat/boat trailer of the Lessee(s) may be parked on Lessee(s) RV site and must be registered at the office with prior written permission by management. No parking on the grass of the RV Site.

12. No one under the age of 12 may be left unsupervised on the property. Parent or legal guardians are responsible for the whereabouts, actions, and safety of their children. Any child under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult by ponds or pool area.

13. Fiddlestix RV & Golf Resort reserves the right to remove any person not complying with posted rules by pool area.

14. Lessee(s) shall not cause or permit any flammable or explosive material, oil, radioactive material, hazardous or toxic waste substance to be brought upon, used, stored, or dumped on the RV site nor within the Resort property.

15. Upon termination of the agreement or the removal of an RV unit, all trees, shrubs, and plants placed upon the site by Lessee(s) shall remain upon the site. This shall be deemed Resorts ownership.

16. All Lessee(s) must always have their site number clearly posted.

17. Fires are only allowed in elevated portable outdoor fire rings and in designated areas. Fires must be completely extinguished before leaving RV site. Please place the fire ring on the deck or patio for mowing purposes. Fire rings will also be available for purchase in the Essential Store.

18. All skirting, shed (limited to 10’ x 10’), deck OR patio (10’ x 30’ maximum) or any other change to the campsite WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED WITH PRIOR MANAGEMENT APPROVAL. NO EXCEPTIONS!

19. No additions to RV units may be made at any time while on site.

20. Appliances must be kept inside except for one grill.

21. Lessee(s) shall always keep their RV and any improvements on site maintained and in good condition. Lessee(s) shall keep RV leveled and all exterior surfaces well maintained. Any broken windows shall be immediately repaired. Lessee(s) shall always keep RV and site clean and in good conditions.

22. Items of lawn furniture, grills, or planters shall be stored inside, on the deck or patio while Lessee(s) are not onsite. Lawn furniture must be in good condition. Broken or damage items must be disposed of properly.

23. Management may at any time close any of the private streets or walkways of the park for repairs or maintenance. A 24-hour notice will be posted unless there in an emergency.

24. All black, gray or discharged water coming out of Lessee(s) unit must go into a holding tank. Violators will be subject to heavy fines and penalties by the State of Minnesota.

25. If you want to sell your RV unit, no For Sale signs can be posted at the RV site. Information for the sale of your unit can be posted in the office.

26. Management must approve any replacement or additions to property including the RV itself.

27. The maximum number of vehicles including a boat/trailer per site is 3.

28. All seasonal Lessee(s) must carry year-round insurance and liability for their units and personal belongings with a copy of the current coverage on file in the office.

29. You must be a valid licensed driver age 16 or older to drive vehicles and golf carts on Resort property. This is a requirement for insurance purposes.

30. All drivers must follow posted speed limits. The speed should never exceed 5 mph.

31. Safety at the Resort is our number one priority. Do not sit or stand on fences, railings, or buildings.

32. Swim at your own risk. Children must be accompanied by an adult around the pool and ponds. NO diving, flipping, somersaults or rough house behavior from the pool deck nor any ponds

33. The use of firearms on Resort property is prohibited.

34. Any person whose conduct is offensive or disorderly to other Lessee(s) will be required to leave the premise or be restricted to their campsite only.

35. Management has the right to terminate access to Resort property in order to protect other Lessee(s).

36. We reserve the right to restrict children to their site if their behavior or actions are unacceptable or found unattended. We are not a daycare and will not babysit children while you are not present.

37. All Lessee(s) and guests must follow the rules and regulations listed as well as posted signs around the facility.

38. Vandalism and disturbances on Resort property will call for immediate action, including termination from the Resort.

39. The laundry room and bathhouses are not a place to congregate and hang out.

40. All visitors should know the unit number and name of the person they are visiting. Every visitor must register at the office, pay Visitor fee, obtain a parking pass and review Resort Rules and Regulations.

41. Pets are allowed on Resort property but must be kept on a leash. Pets must be quiet, and Lessee(s) must pick up after their pet and discard in garbage receptacles. No pets are allowed at pool, laundry room or game room.

42. The resort is so close to the trails; you can ride your ATV’s or UTV’s vehicle directly from your site. The speed limit is 5 mph and are only allowed to be used while exiting the resort property. Resort Management reserves right to remove permission of ATV or UTV if policy is being abused. Area trail maps are available at the office.

43. Personal golf carts are not allowed on the golf course. They are permitted use on campground roads.