Terms of Service

Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, restrooms will remain closed until further notice.

The Management of this RV PARK reserves the right at all times to terminate the tenancy of a guest for reasons the former shall deem objectionable and will not be responsible for damage to RV's or other personal property; nor accidents to guests; fire, theft or loss of valuables in or around RV's without a refund or credit applied

No refunds will be given. (Cancellation of events or change of plans will not warrant or generate a refund).  

I have read the rules of this Park and agree to them.

Check-in 1:00pm/check out:11:00am

All Reservations require a ONE-NIGHT, NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to hold your spot. We are happy to adjust your stay if we are able to do so and if we have been given at LEAST ONE-WEEK NOTICE. Final payment will be charged ONE WEEK prior to arrival date. Refunds will not be provided, however we may provide IN-Park Credit, in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Our Insurance Stipulates certain breeds of dogs are not allowed in our park. In the event you are found to have one of those breeds of dogs, you will be in violation of our policy and you will be asked to leave the park immediately and without refund. Ten breeds of dogs that are considered unsafe and are not allowed in this RVPark by our insurance company: 1. Akita  2. Alaskan Malamute  3. Chow  4. Doberman Pincher  5. German Shepherds  6. Great Danes  7. Huscky  8. Pit Bull (American Staffordshire Terrier  9. Rottweiler  10. Saint Bernard

Pickup Campers must remain on the Truck at all times and may not be removed from the truck.

**In-site water is seasonal and will be limited to late spring through mid fall. We will be winterizing our park approximately Oct 15-April 1st. to prevent bursting pipes. In the event your stay is during that time frame, we welcome you to fill your tank from our frost-free spigot upon arrival and as often as necessary.