Cancellation Policy

RESERVATIONS ARE CONTRACTS - EVERY reservation is followed up with a written confirmation via email or mail if no email is available. This constitutes as a contract. If you decide to change the duration of your stay, or the number of stalls inside a 48 hour period of the day of your stay, it constitutes as a cancellation and you are financially responsible for the days and stalls you reserved. Therefore, it is in your best interest to notify us in advance if you wish to change your reservation. When it comes to weather, we can't control it any more than the next person. Therefore, please keep in mind that all reservations are accountable regardless of weather. Failure to read your confirmation does not exempt you from these rules. Once the check in process has been completed, Campground fees are nonrefundable. Management has the right to refuse service.

Outside 14 days of your arrival date - For Reservations canceled greater than 14 days from your scheduled arrival date, the deposit will be returned, less a $20 Administration fee - or it can be applied to a future reservation within the next six months (one time only). A $20 Administration fee applies and is payable upon reschedule.

Inside 14 days of your arrival date - For cancellations for reservations 14 days or less from your scheduled arrival date, your deposit is forfeited. However, you do have the option of rescheduling instead of cancelling. A $20 Administration fee applies and is payable upon reschedule.

Within 48 hours of your arrival date - The full amount of your stay is due for cancellations inside a 48 hour window of the day of your stay. We will not have the opportunity to rebook your site or lodging when canceling that close to your arrival and undoubtedly have already turned business away. Anyone on a waiting list will have found other accommodations by that time. If you are rescheduling your reservation inside this window, a $25 Administration fee applies as we have already bedded your stall(s). Administration fee is payable upon reschedule and the rescheduled date must be within 6 months of your original reservation date, and for a like reservation equaling at a minimum the same amount as the original reservation.

Rescheduling your reservation - ALL reschedules are subject to a minimum $20 Administrative fee, due upon reschedule.

NO-CALL/NO-SHOWS WILL BE CHARGED THE TOTAL AMOUNT DUE FOR YOUR ENTIRE STAY. NO AMOUNT WILL BE REFUNDED OR APPLIED TO FUTURE DATES. (So make sure you call and cancel prior to your check-in date if you can't make it.)